Mists of Pandaria


Okay. April Fools’s joke, right? I really didn’t see the panda thing as being true at all. And myself and the boyfriend sat there watching the Blizzcon stream on Saturday night scratching our heads. But, what about the Chinese market? You’re going to just ass rape your biggest subscriber market just to put some cuddly furries into the game? *mind boggle*

Anyhoo. Ranty rant over. I’ll try to bend my mind around killing Pandas another time. I’ve only just got used to killing Worgen, and I still feel a bit weird about that. I’m a huge animal lover, so for me to have to kill space goats…then wolves…and now pandas? Yes. I know the Worgen are actually werewolves and they’re meant to be evil…but they’re still a type of wolf at the end of the day.

So what does this mean for Priests in 5.0? Well, it depends on what you’re wanting to know. I’m going to talk about Discipline PvP and Shadow PvE. If you’re looking for Holy Talents…may I direct you to The Stories of O? She’s a kick ass Holy Priest and frankly, I’ve not played that spec in a really long time. So she’s probably a far better person to go to.

Well, I say that I want to talk about Shadow PvE and Discipline PvP but in all honesty there’s really no clear-cut tree any more for each spec. There’s some PvP talents and some PvE talents that would obviously help each spec and I’m not sure how it will all pan out at this point in time, but we shall just have to wait and see. This is all beta at the moment after all, so all what I am about to say may just change again. So. Let’s get started. It all starts as it currently does, you pick a spec and then you go to town on the talents. Holy, Discipline and Shadow all still exist as specs in game. You can still DPS, heal or kick ass on the battleground if that’s what you want to do. The way that Blizzard is allowing the trees now, we’re flexing back towards the old ways of the hybrid specs. They scrapped these at the beginning of Cataclysm as they didn’t want people mixing their specs together anymore.

“But I like Holy/Discipline spec for healing! Blizz! Come on dudes! Throw me a frickin’ bone here!”

Those were very much my thoughts as I ran a hybrid heal PvP spec right up to the end of Wrath of the Lich King. I like to look at Arena Junkies for PvP heal trees, but I try not to follow them too much to the letter as I prefer my specs a little more customized. And I’m glad that they listened to people like myself and our QQ, because now I can probably go back to a more hybrid-style spec. Cataclysm has been a very bumpy ride for myself and my Priest. I had to learn how to heal with a smite-spec and figure out how to get my mana bar back up. Frantically pushing buttons and learning to chill out when healing has been a huge learning curve for me. Deep breaths, not much caffeine and being tired sometimes helps to calm me down in the middle of Warsong Gulch when I have a Fury Warrior on my back trying to kill me.

There’s a lot of posts out there breaking down the new talents for Priests, and if you want a post that explains every new talent…then I’m afraid you’re at the wrong station. Please re-board your train and carry on to the next stop please 😛

Level 15: Void Tendrils, Psyfiend and Psychic Scream.

These are three talents that can be used hugely in PvP. VT would be amazing to root people in place as you move away, heal yourself up and chuckle at them all stuck to the spot. It’s about time that Priests got a rooting spell and this could be well worth it. Psyfiend is a lot like Shadowfiend in the fact that it’s a pet but then it’s nothing like that latter in the fact that it gives you no mana back. It’s choice job is to basically stand there and cast Psychic Scream over and over at the people attacking you. The tooltip on this is odd, and doesn’t explain a lot but will shall have to see about it. Psychic Scream is something we already have but will the other two beat it to get the pick? What would you choose out of this tier? An AOE rooting spell, a Psychic Scream pet or just the basic PS spell?

Level 60: Desperate Prayer, Angelic Bulwark and Final Prayer.

Desperate Prayer is still not changed from before. So if you already take this and want to keep it up, you still can. Angelic Bulwark helps your shields take more hits. Sadly, not the shields on anyone but yourself but that could very much be a lifesaver when the opposing side gets the jump on you. Final Prayer is a shield that appears over you when you fall below 30% health. I’m not sure as to whether it will be like the much-hated Paladin bubble but that will be left to be seen. So. Three talents helping to keep you alive. I’m going towards the second myself as being a healer in PvP can be a bit rough sometimes. Final Prayer seems a bit situational and Desperate Prayer I don’t even use at the moment.

Level 90: Vow of Unity, Void Shift and Vampiric Dominance.

Vow of Unity could be helpful in PvP. It would certainly stop you trying to watch other people while not noticing you’re also dying in the process. I’m a huge culprit of that, I’m always getting myself killed. It reminds me a lot of Beacon of Light from my Holy Paladin days, and I loved that spell. I was guilty of beaconing myself a lot of the time, heh. Vampiric Dominance could be useful for myself as I deal damage as well as heal in PvP- so if it gives me a few more heals then that sounds like a win-win situation for me. But. Void Shift. Uh oh. I could use that, but again I think it’s situational. Is it worth me picking it up so I can grief rogues and warriors? Is it worth picking up over talents like Vow and Dominance? Not sure. It needs a lot more research, I think .

I bought the 12 month subscription for WoW so I could get the beta access to MoP. I will be transferring my Priest over when it comes times so I can properly test all these for myself, so I’m excited and apprehensive about it all. Will Disc  Priests be finally able to put out some decent heal numbers in PvP? Will Blizzard ever get around to fixing the scoreboard so absorbed heals show up too? Watch this space, folks.


End Game

I’ve been reading a lot recently about the end game content in World of Warcraft and I guess that either I went around with blinkers on or I really am that naive…but according to some people on the forums, there’s no end game content if you can’t raid. Huh? Say what? Why do some people ignore PvP so much? I mean, I am part of the said PvP crowd- does that make us lesser players because we choose not to raid?

It’s hard to ignore raiding since Blizzard are so intent in shoving it constantly in your face. Defeat the Scourge! Kill the Lich King! Fight back the Trolls! Oooh! Big dragon! Etcetera…etcetera. And people insist that they shove Player vs Player based content down your throat. I don’t believe so. Yes, basic battlegrounds have gone a little by the way side for parts of the content such as Rated Battlegrounds and a stronger focus on Arena games. But in PvP do you see such things such as ‘You must be ilvl 360 to perform in this battleground.’ Oh god, it gives me a horrible chill down my spine even imagining that.

So what say you one day want a change from grinding Battleground rep or collecting Honor Kills and decide you want to run a random? BZZT. DENIED. You could go in wearing your amazing set of Ruthless gear, but damn you will get laughed at or kicked out of the group so fast for doing so. And so, you wear the little amounts of PvE gear you have. This could be anything from some quest blues and greens to maybe some epic rep rewards. But there again, you’ve got to put in the time to grind the rep to get the epics. And the best way to do that is to do the infamous heroic grind. Believe me, if you do that enough times…it will make you want to rip out your eyeballs and feed them to the lions at the circus.

I just hate the fact that you’re either relegated to one side of the game…or the other. There’s no compromise, no mixing. It’s like bad segregation. I myself, am a bit of an acheesement whore so I grind most reps and get whatever points I can lay my hands on. So I am lucky enough that I have a somewhat decent set of PvE gear and I can pull some decent numbers as a Shadow Priest. But I don’t have enough time to make sure that both of my sets of gear are up to scratch because I HAVE A LIFE. I don’t have the time with a job and a boyfriend and a daughter and my writing to keep up to scratch with an MMO.

I’m not dissing anyone that does though. I applaud you to be able to do it in this day in age. I used to once be like that, but one day I was sitting there playing WoW for 12 hours a day while eating Cheetos and decided it’s not what I wanted in my life. I guess it might be fine for some, but for me…no thanks. The moral of this story is this: the PvP crew will blame the PvE crew for wrecking the game, and vice versa.

Just take it out to the battlegrounds, eh? Nothing that a bit of bloodshed can’t fix.


For all the MLP lovers...;)

So, last night we attempted some Arena battles in the guild. It was…hrm, how do I put this? Alright. I guess. After 20 battles, we’d capped on Conquest marks for the week and we were at a score of 8 won, 12 lost. Which I believe is about a 40% win rate. Which, for an arena noob I don’t believe to be too shabby.

Going in, I was absolutely nervous as all hell. I believe I actually said to my team mate:

“I am absolutely bricking it.”

I’d done Arena a couple of times, so I knew what to expect. But being a proper member of a team and knowing that the Healer is usually the first person in a team to be picked off, I was scared as a deer in the headlights. We were at the Ring of Valor for our first match, the gates opened and we rode out. Made the mistake of making myself visible off the bat and was stun locked by a damn Rogue. And everytime I got out of the stun, he just kept locking me up again. There’s seriously got to be a better way for me to get out of these stuns. (I need to follow my own advice and actually buy a PvP trinket) .

Then next up with got to the Ruins of Lordaeron. Matched up with a Shaman and a Rogue. Gawd, another Rogue. Teammate targeted the Shaman, who was Resto and he put the pressure on him, forcing him to constantly heal himself and burn through his mana. Which meant he was soon dead and then we just targeted the Rogue and without a healer, he was soon dead. Our first win as a team! I bounced up and down in my seat and squealed like an excited child. This was fun!

But. Being a healer in Arena is even rougher than standing out in the middle of Warsong Gulch by yourself. These people are usually incredibly skilled and geared, not some nubs geared in PvE gear loling in a battleground for the lolz. Warrior charges you and Cleaves you, then Rogue comes up behind you and Kicks you when you try to heal yourself. It friggin hurts worse than a Chinese burn. At some points, I could literally count to 5 and before I’d made it past that…I would be lying down in the dirt, eating the ground. And what point is Spectator Mode? So I can just be a ghost and watch the match? I can’t help, I don’t want to sit here and watch if I can’t help.

It’s like my team mate said though. The more you do it, the more you get used to it and the more tricks you learn. He explained to me why Warriors are Immune to my Psychic Scream half the time and how damned Mages are horribly OP in PvP at the moment. I pretty much learned the rest myself. So what did I learn? Well…

  • Don’t stand in the open
  • Don’t expect your team mate to always peel off you. Be knowledgeable about how to get out of a stun, a slow and dispel anything that you can get off you.
  • A well-placed Psychic Scream is good. Talking about that, get the glyph for Arena as it pins them to spot so your team mate can beat the snot out of them.
  • People will LoS as often as they can. So stick to them like Superglue.
  • Using Leap of Faith might sound a bit silly, but using that on a Hunter coupled with a well placed aforementioned Psychic Scream can cost them their life. Hunters are terrible at close combat (believe me, I know)
  • Don’t go for the pets. Killing them stops some damage, sure…but always go for the person behind the pet.
  • CC works awesome in Arena. So glyphed Psychic Scream, Mind Control…use it to your advantage. Try to get in a team with other CC’ers like Mages, Rogues, DK’s.
  • If you can see an opportunity to LoS a player, use it. Hide behind pillars, posts, buildings…whatever you can use.
  • You will run out of mana in Arenas, and regular flasks cannot be used. Use every trick in the book you have, so that means Shadowfiend, Archangel, Hymn of Hope (if you have time).
  • Other Priests will Mana Burn the piss out of you, so learn fast and do it right back to them.
  • Stealted classes hate DoTs as it means they can’t stealth again. So if you can use them, do it.
  • If there’s a DPS and Healer combo, always go for the Healer first. Don’t bother wasting your mana trying to kill a DPS when he probably won’t die if the other member of their party is doing their job correctly.
I believe that’s really all you need to know. Some of those points can be used for other classes too, I’m aware of this. But now as of last night, I have an Arena Rating of 750…which isn’t a lot but next week I know it will be higher after some more wins. Wait, I probably just jinxed myself…didn’t I? :/



So one of my guildies asks me last night:

“Teach me how to PvP on a Priest.”

Oh dear. Really? Me? Er….*finds excuse to log off*.

I really don’t like teaching people in WoW. It started a long time ago when I taught half the healers in my guild how to play a Disc Priest. Then it was Shadow DPS. How do you kill a Priest in PvP? The questions kept coming. And as much as I love to help people, I really hate teaching them. This is mainly because I hate people picking up my bad habits. I guess if something works though, I will pass it on for someone else to use.

So straight away, I went to re-spec. I didn’t want them looking at my shitty half PvP/half PvP Disc spec. Dropped a few points in the Disc tree, moved them over to the Holy tree and took up some talents I’d been meaning to like Focused Will and Surge of Light. Half an hour later, I came back to them and helped them with their gear. Yes, you will need Spirit since we no longer get mana back through crit heals. No, don’t really bother with Mastery because the bonus as a Discipline Priest really isn’t worth it in PvP. Yep, you will need hit and spell pen..but not really a lot. Just enough so you can hit with your DoTs and Smite, etc.

So, I decided to write a little basic How-To for the blog on how to be a Discipline Priest in PvP. Please don’t Mind Control me off the nearest cliff if you don’t agree with this.

  • You won’t find Spell Power on a lot of gear other than weapons. That’s okay. As a caster, Intellect is now your newest stat to stack/gem instead as that gives the SP. Aim for more than 5000.
  • Haste is good, try to reforge or gem to get it, otherwise you won’t be able to rip off a Flash Heal fast enough before a Cleave kills you. Anything above 8% will do you just fine, but the more the better if you can get it.
  • Gem and enchant your gear. Don’t look like a PvP noob. Spell power or Haste enchants are what you need. Don’t bother with Spirit or Critical Strike. Gems I use are Vivid Dream Emerald, Willful Ember Topaz, Brilliant Inferno Ruby, Veiled Demonseye, Purified Demonseye and Quick Amberjewel. Meta I use is Forlorn Skyflare Diamond.
  • Get the entire 4 piece set and stick to Mooncloth. This is now the official Healer set for Priests, there’s no mixing and matching with Satin any more for offset bonuses.
  • The more Resilience you can get, the better. Less Resilience= More Deaths.
  • Don’t just stand there casting. I make this mistake a lot, but you’re just opening yourself for an attack from a stealthed Rogue or Feral Druid. Move about and frequently.
  • Your bubble is your friend, but don’t be all shit hot with it. It’s a mana burn as much as any of your other spells, so only use it if you see yourself or someone else getting their ass kicked. It’ll only last so long, so watch it.
  • Prayer of Mending can save someone’s life. *nod*.
  • Unless you’re a master of getting out of snares and slows, you’ll need a PvP trinket. Or if you’re Undead/Human…just blow your racial and save the slot for one of the Honor trinkets from the vendor.
  • Don’t charge in and stand at the front. You’re not a tank. Try to stand further back, but hide yourself. If a Death Knight sees you, it’s the Death Grip torture and an early death for you.
  • In the words of Cynwise: Don’t fight on roads and always Fight on the Flags! Defence really is best as a Priest. The mentality is to kill the Healer first, so protect yourself with a friend or just attach yourself to a Warrior or a Paladin. Hell, even a Shaman or a Druid works in a pinch :p
And that’s pretty much it. Oh. Forgot one thing. Have fun!! 😀 

Throwing My Hat In The Ring

Picture courtesy of Jlabianca on Flickr 🙂

So…transmogrification, eh? Or as the Blues are calling it- ‘Mogging. Ha. They always did get me with their choice of words. I was totally pumped for it in the beginning, I thought that I could finally look like my Tier 3 set again and I could be a bad ass with a halo and wings. (I know that Tier 7/7.5 is very similar, but I truly like the colouring of T3). And so that was out the window. I’d like to get a full set of Tier 6 for the Priest so come patch day, I could look like my old self again rampaging through Cataclysm content like a bad-ass Shadow Priest should look….BAD ASS. But I have to re run all the BC raids again to get it, I really despise my foolishness for deleting it all for bag space. Is the space for items like the Orb of Sin’dorei really necessary anymore or parts of my Devout Dungeon set? (Actually, scratch the second thought, since I know you can no longer get the Devout set).

So instead of getting all het up about a stupid raid set where I would have to face Illidan, Kalecgos, Archie and KJ again…I focused my attention to the old PvP sets currently sitting at the vendors inside the Hall of Legends at Orgimmar. (I’m such a noob, I’ve been Horde for over a year and I called it Champions Hall in  trade chat. I seriously wanted to kick myself >.<)

I saw the Brutal Gladiator set and thought I could spend all my future honor putting that set together. I just had a look at it on Wowhead and found out it’s sadly not the set I was thinking of. (Priest PvP set needs more sparkles and halos, dammit! Lordy, I am such a chick.) I’m really hoping they will let us ‘Mog sets that are no longer available, I want the Merciless Gladiator set again for the Priest. Sadly- another set long deleted for bag space. I want my twinkly halos and shrouded cowls back, don’t deny me my guilty pleasures Blizzard!

I’m kinda annoyed about the Void Storage tool, as I am sure I’m not the only player that has been playing for years and had to delete half their old gear to make space in their banks for newer gear. I’m aware that I’m a total pack rat. But surely, this is a case of too little too late? I was asking for this YEARS ago back at the end of BC and my bank was already too full with things like Tier 6, Merc Glad gear, Soulcloth/Mooncloth and Primals. Even to have it stackable could have saved space, like you hovered over the icon and it said (for example) ‘Merciless Gladiator Priest Set, 2 items missing’. And then it would list the items you were missing to complete the set.

I am very glad to see though that the items which were removed from the game are not removed from my bank. I absolutely LOVE the fact that I have things like my Argent Dawn trinkets, the whole Priest Devout Dungeon 1 set and my Benediction/Anathema 🙂

Priest Specs

At the moment, I currently run a 36/5/0 spec in battlegrounds. I’ve been looking around the internet and I see a lot of different specs, especially on places like Arena Junkies where they prefer to eschew talents like Evangelism and Archangel. Now, this to me seems kinda silly. I’m aware that I have to change my tree slightly at the moment to allow for talents like Focused Will, but losing Ev/Arch for it? Nah. Those two talents have saved my bacon several times in the middle of a battleground when I’m low on mana. Now, before you start shouting at me- I’m aware that neither of them give back much mana, but it’s all a matter of principle. What might work well for one person, may not work well for someone else.

That’s why you should take specs from AJ and make them your own. Mold them and shape them into something that you can use, something that works for you. I’m probably going to take some points out of my Holy tree to allow for Focused Will. I’m not really sure, but Divine Fury doesn’t seem like it’s worth it anymore. Smite and Holy Fire I do use a lot, but GH and Heal I never ever use. Battlegrounds are about speed and thinking on your feet as a healer not umming and ahhhing over what spell to use so it will conserve mana. Fuck the mana pool. You die, you’ll get it all back when you’re rezzed. It’s all about the GO GO GO as a healer, jump in with your feet first and think later. You fuck up, you learn and remember for next time.

Looking down into the Holy tree though, I’ve taken Desperate Prayer in the past. The heal worth 30% of your total health is nice in an emergency, but again…is it really worth the time? I believe Surge of Light could work for me though. An instant cast Flash Heal could really be helpful since I still spam that a lot. I’m aware that I shouldn’t, but again…I’d rather keep people alive than think about the mana consequences. And Holy Concentration is probably a decent talent for mana, so I should look into trying to pick that up too.

What I don’t understand is that why wouldn’t you pick up Reflective Shield? I know it doesn’t heal anyone, but the damage reflected back onto an enemy can sometimes be a matter of life or death. Having a half dead Warrior charging towards you and watching their damage reflected back onto them and thus killing them? Total satisfaction and I’ve not had to lift a finger to frantically heal myself.

Hey Guys :)

So, here we go. I’m having a crack at a PvP blog all thanks to the likes of Cynwise and Psynister on Twitter. I decided that I really wanted to remove the World of Warcraft element from my personal blog and just have a blog that focused on the gaming side of it. In the last few years of playing the game, I’ve shyed away from the raiding aspect and more into the PvP side. Why is this? Pretty much because I don’t have the time for organised raiding with the schedule I hold. I have a bit of a messed up work timetable, having no set hours from week to week means I really can’t be part of any raid group or raid guild in game. My guild on Cairne-US is very PvP orientated as no one really has the time for raiding and we would far rather beat up some Allies.

“But you’re English? Why a US server?”

Ah. Yeah, I knew that was coming. I’ve always been on the US servers. I got playing the game when my daughter was 6 months old and I was convinced to give it a try. I wasn’t sure about it as I was playing *cough* Guild Wars *cough* beforehand, and I liked that because it was F2P minus the cost of the software. WoW, as we all know has a monthly fee. But when I totalled the cost up, it turned out to be cheaper than a night at the bar and meant I could probably afford a bag of Funions on raid night.

After I got separated from my ex four years later, I took up PvP to vent my anger out onto something. It turned out that slaying raid bosses wasn’t enough to quell my anger. So, I found myself in Warsong Gulch one evening and to be perfectly honest, I was scared. I was the stereotypical girl in PvP.

“Help me!”

That was pretty much my warcry for a few weeks. Whenever I saw a Fury Warrior or a Protection Paladin charging my way, I acted like a typical Healer. I was still in the raiding mindset of if something is trying to kill you…you run towards the tank and attempt to get the aggro off you. How very naive I was. So after a while, I was decidedly tired and bored of being picked off as the weak sparrow in the group and started to look for websites on Priest PvP. Arena Junkies is a great site, and I still check there for specs but it’s more dedicated to Arena rather than Battlegrounds. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Arena!) I like to think that, two years of a stint through the School of Hard Knocks (aka Priest PvP and How Not To Die), I can finally hold my own. I’ve still got more to learn though.

“But wait. Where does the Hunter come in?”

Ah yes. My little Hunter. She is the one toon that I actually levelled through PvP. Her name is Everwyn, and like her counterpart Synysta…she is also a Blood Elf. I got her the whole Warsong Gulch set, the Alterac Valley trinket and mount and a PvP mount to boot. *shifty eyes* She’s not 85 yet though, and I’m trying to work on that. I’m not very good at Hunter PvP but I learn fast. Again, reading on the Internet worked wonders for her and I learned things like spiders make good pets for the web, corehounds are good for the Heroism buff and it’s never a good idea to make yourself known in the battlegrounds. Hunters should be sneaky and get their pet to do the dirty work for them. I’ve got a selection of pets, I’ll probably write a post about them sooner or later.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get around to writing a proper post. Until then, feel free to post any questions you might have 🙂