Mists of Pandaria


Okay. April Fools’s joke, right? I really didn’t see the panda thing as being true at all. And myself and the boyfriend sat there watching the Blizzcon stream on Saturday night scratching our heads. But, what about the Chinese market? You’re going to just ass rape your biggest subscriber market just to put some cuddly furries into the game? *mind boggle*

Anyhoo. Ranty rant over. I’ll try to bend my mind around killing Pandas another time. I’ve only just got used to killing Worgen, and I still feel a bit weird about that. I’m a huge animal lover, so for me to have to kill space goats…then wolves…and now pandas? Yes. I know the Worgen are actually werewolves and they’re meant to be evil…but they’re still a type of wolf at the end of the day.

So what does this mean for Priests in 5.0? Well, it depends on what you’re wanting to know. I’m going to talk about Discipline PvP and Shadow PvE. If you’re looking for Holy Talents…may I direct you to The Stories of O? She’s a kick ass Holy Priest and frankly, I’ve not played that spec in a really long time. So she’s probably a far better person to go to.

Well, I say that I want to talk about Shadow PvE and Discipline PvP but in all honesty there’s really no clear-cut tree any more for each spec. There’s some PvP talents and some PvE talents that would obviously help each spec and I’m not sure how it will all pan out at this point in time, but we shall just have to wait and see. This is all beta at the moment after all, so all what I am about to say may just change again. So. Let’s get started. It all starts as it currently does, you pick a spec and then you go to town on the talents. Holy, Discipline and Shadow all still exist as specs in game. You can still DPS, heal or kick ass on the battleground if that’s what you want to do. The way that Blizzard is allowing the trees now, we’re flexing back towards the old ways of the hybrid specs. They scrapped these at the beginning of Cataclysm as they didn’t want people mixing their specs together anymore.

“But I like Holy/Discipline spec for healing! Blizz! Come on dudes! Throw me a frickin’ bone here!”

Those were very much my thoughts as I ran a hybrid heal PvP spec right up to the end of Wrath of the Lich King. I like to look at Arena Junkies for PvP heal trees, but I try not to follow them too much to the letter as I prefer my specs a little more customized. And I’m glad that they listened to people like myself and our QQ, because now I can probably go back to a more hybrid-style spec. Cataclysm has been a very bumpy ride for myself and my Priest. I had to learn how to heal with a smite-spec and figure out how to get my mana bar back up. Frantically pushing buttons and learning to chill out when healing has been a huge learning curve for me. Deep breaths, not much caffeine and being tired sometimes helps to calm me down in the middle of Warsong Gulch when I have a Fury Warrior on my back trying to kill me.

There’s a lot of posts out there breaking down the new talents for Priests, and if you want a post that explains every new talent…then I’m afraid you’re at the wrong station. Please re-board your train and carry on to the next stop please 😛

Level 15: Void Tendrils, Psyfiend and Psychic Scream.

These are three talents that can be used hugely in PvP. VT would be amazing to root people in place as you move away, heal yourself up and chuckle at them all stuck to the spot. It’s about time that Priests got a rooting spell and this could be well worth it. Psyfiend is a lot like Shadowfiend in the fact that it’s a pet but then it’s nothing like that latter in the fact that it gives you no mana back. It’s choice job is to basically stand there and cast Psychic Scream over and over at the people attacking you. The tooltip on this is odd, and doesn’t explain a lot but will shall have to see about it. Psychic Scream is something we already have but will the other two beat it to get the pick? What would you choose out of this tier? An AOE rooting spell, a Psychic Scream pet or just the basic PS spell?

Level 60: Desperate Prayer, Angelic Bulwark and Final Prayer.

Desperate Prayer is still not changed from before. So if you already take this and want to keep it up, you still can. Angelic Bulwark helps your shields take more hits. Sadly, not the shields on anyone but yourself but that could very much be a lifesaver when the opposing side gets the jump on you. Final Prayer is a shield that appears over you when you fall below 30% health. I’m not sure as to whether it will be like the much-hated Paladin bubble but that will be left to be seen. So. Three talents helping to keep you alive. I’m going towards the second myself as being a healer in PvP can be a bit rough sometimes. Final Prayer seems a bit situational and Desperate Prayer I don’t even use at the moment.

Level 90: Vow of Unity, Void Shift and Vampiric Dominance.

Vow of Unity could be helpful in PvP. It would certainly stop you trying to watch other people while not noticing you’re also dying in the process. I’m a huge culprit of that, I’m always getting myself killed. It reminds me a lot of Beacon of Light from my Holy Paladin days, and I loved that spell. I was guilty of beaconing myself a lot of the time, heh. Vampiric Dominance could be useful for myself as I deal damage as well as heal in PvP- so if it gives me a few more heals then that sounds like a win-win situation for me. But. Void Shift. Uh oh. I could use that, but again I think it’s situational. Is it worth me picking it up so I can grief rogues and warriors? Is it worth picking up over talents like Vow and Dominance? Not sure. It needs a lot more research, I think .

I bought the 12 month subscription for WoW so I could get the beta access to MoP. I will be transferring my Priest over when it comes times so I can properly test all these for myself, so I’m excited and apprehensive about it all. Will Disc  Priests be finally able to put out some decent heal numbers in PvP? Will Blizzard ever get around to fixing the scoreboard so absorbed heals show up too? Watch this space, folks.


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